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2020 Shorecliffs Staff: All Smiles; All Ready For Summer

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

We are pleased to introduce your amazing Shorecliffs Beach Club staff:

Paige Edwards Tanner La Barbera Keoni Wagner Jason Graff Aiden Flynn Cooper Flynn Luke Wade Cole Edwards Jimmy Kemp Robert Maley

We also have some excellent on-call employees who are ready to help out when needed, including Christian Sutherland, Noah Brown, Tristan Weber and Sophia Osendorf.

Everyone is excited for your arrival as summer hours are now underway. All barbecues and tables are clean and available for use. Please note that the playground equipment and interior of the beach club will remain closed until further notice, but will be adjusted as Federal, State and Local orders continue to change. IMPORTANT: WRISTBANDS ARE NOW REQUIRED. BRING YOUR WRISTBAND REQUEST CARD TO GET YOURS. THIS WILL HELP DETER NON-RESIDENTS FROM COMING INTO OUR BEACH AND PICNIC AREA. As a reminder, please continue to follow social distancing, handwashing, and public health mandates to help protect our community. We have ample paper towels, trash receptacles, anti-bacterial hand gels, and soap available in the outside bathroom. We also have cleansing products and hand sanitizer available in the plastic bin on the stairs, right in front of the picnic tables.

We’re all smiles -- and all ready for summer!


We are pleased to announce that Cooper Flynn has earned the Shorecliffs Beach Club “Employee of the Month” Award for September. Cooper is an enthusiastic, self-motivating, diligent worker who always comes to the club with a positive attitude and an infectious smile. He never sits idle because he finds plenty to do!

Cooper Flynn Fun Facts:

-Cooper is a skilled water polo player for the SCHS Tritons; he plays top attacker and set guard.

-His hobbies include water polo, going to the beach and hanging out with friends.

-Cooper’s favorite high school classes are history and environmental science.

-His best Shorecliffs memories are growing up at the beach club and barbecuing every Friday night with family and friends. 

-His future college plans are to follow in his father’s footsteps and attend LMU to play D1 water polo.

-Cooper enjoys working at the beach club because it’s right on the ocean and he likes all of the people.

Excellent job, Cooper! Please congratulate him the next time you see him at the beach club. He deserves many thanks and appreciation for his strong work ethic.


We would like to acknowledge and congratulate Tanner Labarbera, the third recipient of the Shorecliffs Beach Club “Employee of the Month” Award!  Tanner was just promoted to Assistant Manager – so he was the logical and obvious choice. Several Shorecliffs residents suggested that he should win as well. Not too shabby!

Tanner Tidbits:

-Tanner is a graduate of San Clemente High School and was a Triton soccer player; he played forward.

-He attended the New York Film Academy in Manhattan where he created many artistic projects. Living and studying in New York was an incredible experience for Tanner.

-He worked at the beach club when he was a young teenager; he is happy to be back! Tanner believes that working at the beach club helped to shape his work ethic.

-His hobby is “work” as he currently has two jobs.

-Tanner’s favorite beach club memory was Malaya Luebke’s birthday party. The kids love hanging out with Tanner.

Please congratulate Tanner on his promotion and winning Employee of the Month. In fact, double the congrats!



Great news! Tanner Labarbera has been promoted to Assistant Manager, effective August 25, 2020. (Paige will remain as a part-time staff member, but has accepted a full-time position at Concordia Elementary School.)

Tanner is highly-qualified to serve as Assistant Manager and has already contributed so much to our beach club this summer. He is an innovative thinker, a natural leader, and can multi-task with ease. Most importantly, he truly cares about the welfare of the beach club, our staff and the Shorecliffs community. He always works hard to make positive contributions – and he always succeeds.

Please congratulate Tanner on his promotion the next time you see him at the club.


We would like to acknowledge and congratulate Aidan Flynn, the second recipient of the Shorecliffs Beach Club “Employee of the Month” Award! Aidan is a stellar employee with an incredible work ethic and an effervescent personality.

Fun Facts about Aidan:

-Aidan grew up in Shorecliffs and has been a beach club regular her entire life. Her favorite beach club memory is the 4thof July water balloon relay.

-She is a senior at San Clemente High School with an impressive 4.7 GPA! She’s an AP/IB student -- and a member of the National Honor Society.

-Aidan participates in the “Be a Hero, Become a Donor” club at school.

-She is a stand-out water polo player for the Tritons; they won the State Championship last season! 

-Aidan loves working at the beach club and enjoys being around the kids.

-Her future plans are to become an Environmental Lawyer. She is hoping to attend Brown University as Brown is her dream school.

Nice work, Aidan! Please congratulate her the next time you see her at the club. She works really hard on behalf of all our Shorecliffs families. 


We would like to acknowledge and congratulate Keoni Wagner, the first recipient of the Shorecliffs Beach Club “Employee of the Month” Award! Keoni has always been a stand-out employee – and his commitment to excellence has never wavered. The decision to make him the first Employee of the Month was unanimous!   Did You Know? -Keoni was born in France and lived there until the 6thgrade. -He is a recent graduate of San Clemente High School, Home of the Tritons. -Keoni’s extracurricular activities include football, street law, and coding.   -His favorite beach club memory is: “Catching the glass people!” -Keoni’s future plans are to join the United States Marine Corps and serve his country honorably. Semper Fi! Way to go, Keoni! Please congratulate him the next time you see him at the club. (He’s always working hard…and always smiling.) 


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