The Association consists of the 504 homeowners within the Shorecliff residential community.  It was established to provide a mechanism to ensure that the beach property, the beachclub and the parking lot were properly maintained and used for the enjoyment of the Shorecliffs homeowners. 

The Association does not have any authority in regard to individual homes or property within the community and has no established rules governing those homes.  It is strictly related to the beach, the operations of the clubhouse and the parking lot.

Each homeowner pays an annual assessment fee that is used to maintain and operate the above facilities.  A Board of Directors is elected by the homeowners and they are mandated to oversee the operation of club in regard to ongoing maintenance, staffing for the Beach Club, recreational activities, club rental issues, security, assessment delinquencies etc.

AMMCOR is the Association Management Company that oversees the financial aspects of the club which includes collections and distribution of the monies needed for ongoing expenses.  They also provide monthly financial reports and an annual audit that is mailed to all homeowners in the Shorecliffs community.


Telephone: (949) 661-7767


Regular Assessments are due on the first (1st) day of the year (the “due date”) and are deemed delinquent if not received within 15 days or such time asset forth in the CC&Rs or By-Laws. Special assessments are due on the day specified and are delinquent if not received within 15 days of the due date or such time as set forth in the CC&Rs or By-Laws.


Mailing Address for overnight payments to the Association or to its agent is:


1211 Puerta Del Sol #120

San Clemente, CA 92673