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The intent of these rules is to allow members of the Beach Club to park their vehicle in the parking lot while the member is at the Beach Club. If the member is on the sand or at Poche Beach, then the intent of this rule is fulfilled.


1. Park their personal car, SUV or pickup truck or golf cart or other vehicle that is not prohibited below, in the parking lot during the time that the member is at the Beach Club.



1. Use the parking lot as a storage area or for overflow or temporary parking for trucks, campers, boats, motor homes or other recreational vehicles. Pickup trucks, by themselves, are not defined as a truck in this rule. Pickup trucks with campers (camper shells no taller than the pickup cab are exempted) and/or boats or other trailers are defined as recreational vehicles and are prohibited.


2. Park vehicles in excess of 6,000 pounds in the parking lot. Heavy vehicles damage the asphalt particularly during warmer weather.


Vehicles violating these rules may be cited by Security and/or towed at the owner’s expense in accordance with the policies in existence at that time, even if that vehicle displays a current year’s parking sticker.


The Board of Directors retains the right to temporarily suspend and/or permanently revoke a member’s parking privileges in the event that a member’s actions, in the Board’s sole discretion, merit that action.

It remains a member’s responsibility to determine and obtain, if needed, a temporary variance or permit from the Beach Club Manager in the event that circumstances merit obtaining such permission.




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