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Keoni: First to Win a Second Employee of the Month Award!

He did it again! Keoni, the first-ever recipient of the Shorecliffs Employee of the Month Award program that we implemented last season, has been named employee of the month for August 2021. It’s no surprise as he has always been that rare individual who goes beyond what is expected -- and sets an example for others to follow.

The Scoop on Keoni:

-Keoni has worked at the beach club for four years now because he enjoys the staff and spending time with the community.

-He currently works full-time in construction and then puts in several shifts at the club over the weekends.

-Keoni is by far the best “glass spotter” and keeps our club safe and clean.

-He has a wide variety of hobbies and interests, including football, coding, hanging with friends at Dave & Buster’s, and much more. He prefers to continually mix it up as he “can’t stick with one hobby.”

-Keoni was born in France, lived there until the 6th grade, and has a thorough understanding of the language. Tres Bien!

Please welcome us in congratulating Keoni, yet again!


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