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No Surprise! Koa Wins Employee of the Month for July.

Whoa! Koa wins employee of the month for the second time -- and it is only his second season. Koa is the hardest working employee that we have on staff and from all the compliments we get, you seem to agree! He never misses a shift, picks up other people’s shifts, and simply never stops working. He took the initiative to clean out our storge units, reorganize our supply room, and painted the bar stools and railings on his own accord. He constantly finds things to do aside from his normal responsibilities. It is quite impressive.


-Koa is a junior at SCHS and his favorite subject is sign language. -He plays volleyball for the Tritons on the JV team. That is quite an achievement as SCHS volleyball is highly competitive at that level. -Koa is interested in art, sketching and painting characters from shows, and playing video games. -His favorite thing about working at the beach club is, “the kindness the community brings and the fact I get to work at the beach all the time.” -Koa’s most memorable shift this season to date was 4th of July. “It was so much fun watching the events and setting it up was a blast!” -His future goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and land a position in a big company like Microsoft.


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