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Meet Gavin Lodico: Our First Employee of the Month for 2022!

We are excited to announce that our new employee, Gavin Lodico, is the first recipient of the Shorecliffs Beach Club “Employee of the Month” Award for 2022. From Gavin’s very first shift, we knew we struck gold with a valuable addition to our team. He came on board with high energy, a pleasant demeanor, and an innate eagerness to learn and work hard. Gavin takes the initiative to go beyond his normal duties by continually finding ways to keep busy on your behalf.


-Gavin is a sophomore at SCHS and his favorite subject is math. -He likes video games, movies, and going to the beach. -Gavin’s favorite part about working at the beach club is being able to “work with many cool people and meet the nice members of our community.” -His most memorable shift to date was our last band night since “the music was really good and everything went smoothly.” -Gavin’s future goal is to get into a good UC school and earn a degree in computer science.

Go, Gavin!

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