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Marc Guzman Wins Employee of the Month for July 2023.

Marc came to us as an on-call staff member, but was such a stand-out, we added him to our regular roster within a matter of weeks.

Marc has a formidable work ethic and Koa and I both felt he was the most deserving recipient of the Shorecliffs Employee of the Month award for July. He continually looks for ways to stay busy and has made countless innovative suggestions on how we can improve the club.

In addition to his ongoing contributions, he is always the first one to volunteer whenever we need extra help after hours. Just this past weekend, he showed up at 6:30 am to help dig out the Poche pit after working a full night shift to ensure that the catwalk was accessible. He also took the initiative to paint our bar stools this past week because he felt it was time!

Get to know Marc Guzman: -Marc is an incoming senior at San Clemente High School and his favorite subject is auto mechanics. -He has many interesting hobbies, including fishing, camping, and attending car shows. -Marc’s favorite part of working at the club is “being able to help others and meeting new people.” -He enjoys working all shifts, but his most enjoyable shift to date was the 4th of July “because of the games we ran and all the other events.” -Marc’s future plan is to be enrolled in a trade school once he graduates high school.

Way to go, Marc!


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