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What's happening along our coast and at the Beach Club?

I mentioned in the past that we are not pursuing the reconstruction of the catwalk under Coast Highway. We were advised by our engineers that local and state codes prohibit us from getting plans approved or getting permits. Also the County would require us to operate, maintain and provide liability insurance, for everyone who uses the catwalk.

Sand erosion continues to be a major area of concern. We have lost close to 3 feet of sand off the patio slab over the last couple of years. We have installed a gravity wall and added sand bags to prevent undermining of the slab. Our Coastal Hazard Committee is currently addressing this issue by gaining as much knowledge as we can regarding Coastal Commission permitting, interviewing coastal engineers, reaching out to our coastal neighbors in an effort to form an alliance and looking at opportunities to piggy-back on programs proposed or underway to help us restore our beach.

The City of San Clemente is currently in the process of updating the Coastal Land Use Plan. The Coastal Commission has reviewed the City's edition of the updated plan and had added many strike outs and suggestions. The Commission has given the City the ultimatum that they would only approve the Plan if they agreed to all their suggestions. These suggestions are detrimental to our ability to protect our property in case of an emergency. The Board, along with our coastal neighbors, has urged the City Council to NOT approve the updated plan with Coastal Commission's suggestions. We are currently fighting for our right to protect our property and will follow up on how the community can help us in this effort.

In case of a coastal emergency, we are organizing a team of local residents to be on-call to join our "sand baggers" crew. If you would like to contribute in case of an emergency, please email us with your contact information.

The Board continues to address maintenance and repair issues and provide passive and active recreation opportunities. We hope you all get the chance to enjoy the Beach Club this summer, see you all on our Friday night BBQs.

Stephan D. Rose, President

Shorecliffs Beach Club


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