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Meet Talie Folsom: Shorecliffs Employee of the Month

Please join us in congratulating Talie Folsom for earning the Shorecliffs Beach Club “Employee of the Month” Award for September 2021. This is Talie’s first season and she has been a standout since her first day on the job. Numerous residents have approached us to compliment Talie on her eagerness, helpfulness and cheerful demeanor.

Talie Tidbits:

-Talie is a senior at San Clemente High School and her favorite subject is English. She also participates in many clubs and extracurricular activities. -She plays Varsity La Crosse for the Tritons; they won South Coast League last season! -Talie plans to attend a UC or state college in California to major in communications. Her goal is to be successful and possibly become an audiologist. -During her free time, Talie enjoys taking spin classes, going to the beach, and driving down PCH with friends. -Talie likes working at the beach club because of all the friendly connections she has made with the staff and members. She grew up in Shorecliffs as a little kid, but moved out of the neighborhood prior to middle school. Working at the club has brought back many fond memories and makes her feel that she is still part of the Shorecliffs neighborhood and family. -Her favorite shifts this season were during band nights because you can’t beat listening to live music while you work!


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