Club Manager Job Available

Shorecliffs Beach Club Manager Job Description and Conditions of Employment

The roles and responsibilities of the position are outlined below:

Enforce club Rules and Regulations, denying access to non-members and ensuring that the safety and enjoyment of members is maintained.

Attend Friday night barbecues for the entire evening. The Assistant Manager must attend the Saturday night barbecues for the entire evening. If there is not an Assistant Manager available, the Manger must attend the Saturday night barbecues.

Mandatory attendance at all scheduled Club events such as Easter, Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, pig roast, all Club sponsored band nights and Labor Day.

Ensure that the SBC is kept clean as outlined in the opening duties, continuous duties and closing duties.

Recruit, hire, manage and terminate staff members, including assigning

Train staff members:

a. Enforcing club rules

b. Opening duties c. Continuous duties d. Closing duties

e. Emergency protocol

Conduct regular meetings with staff members to address and resolve issues that they may be encountering. These meetings should be coordinated with Board Vice President (or that of any Board Member so designated by the Board).

Conduct periodic performance reviews of staff members as necessary with Board Vice

President Input (or that of any Board Member so designated by the Board).

Coordinate with Recreation Director or Board Member for special events, ensuring that

these events are adequately staffed.

Be available and responsive by mobile phone calls directly from SBC board members and Shorecliffs residents.

Identify maintenance issues, and hire appropriate handymen/contractors (coordinated with Board Vice President or any Board Member so designated by the Board) to make necessary repairs (costs above $500.00 require approval from the Board of Directors or any Board Member so designated by the Board).

Check inventory of supplies weekly and replenish as needed.

Manage the booking, fee collection and coordination of club rentals.

Attend monthly Board of Directors Meetings to provide updates on staffing, maintenance, rentals, and any other issues that the board should be made aware of.

Maintain communication with lifeguard and security services.

Oversee distribution of FOB’s and parking stickers.

The compensation is as follows:

The Beach Club hours of operations fluctuate throughout the year. As a result, the demand for the mangers time also fluctuates.

There are three basic seasons, Summer (end of public school year to Labor Day) when facilities are open every day, Fall (day after Labor Day to end of October) when facilities are open on Friday nights and weekends, and Winter/Spring (November to end of school year) when facilities are closed with exception of Spring Break. The Winter/Spring season is when the facilities are available for private parties and occasional Association sponsored events (i.e.: super bowl, Halloween, Holiday party).

Payroll is paid twice a month.

Summer Season is Full-Time from May 22, 2020 to Labor Day. Monthly Salary will be $1,000 ($500 per pay period). This is full time, with the expectation of a full 40 hour workweek paid at $20.00 per hour.

Fall Season is Part-Time from Labor Day to end of October. Monthly Salary will be $1,000 ($500 per pay period). This is part time, up to an average of 20 hours per workweek paid at $20.00 per hour.

Winter Season is Part-Time from beginning of November to end of May. Monthly Salary will be $1,000 ($500 per pay period). This is part time, up to an average of 10 hours per week paid at $20.00 per hour.

Hours per week are expected to fluctuate and the manager is expected to manage their schedule so that over, say a period of a month, the hours worked fall in line with the expected hours stated. In addition to the Winter Season salary, the manager will be paid an additional $750 for Easter Week when the club is open every day. This is in addition to the base, off-season salary.

You will be responsible for managing the reservation process of the club for private parties, for which you will receive $25.00 per reservation in addition to salary. For the Summer Season, you will be responsible for sourcing, hiring and managing the staff. Additionally, you are expected to attend each monthly Board Meeting and provide a Manager’s Report to the Board of Directors.

You are employed by the SCBCA Board on an at-will basis. This means that either you or the Board may terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason with or without cause. The at-will nature of your employment with the Board can only be changed by an agreement in writing signed by you and an authorized representative of the SCBCA Board of Directors.

If interested in the position, please email your resume to Kumi Elston:

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