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Help in the Fight Against Escalating Sand Erosion with Just One Simple Email.

Updated: Mar 20

The City of San Clemente will hold a second community meeting on Thursday, February 29th, from 4 pm until 7 pm in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. The purpose of this meeting is to present revised draft nature-based sand-retention solutions for the City's diminishing shoreline and to solicit feedback from the community.

Help protect your beach club from escalating sand erosion by emailing the City (via the link below) and requesting them to consider Shorecliffs as the pilot project site.

Background: Proposed draft solutions include sand nourishment, sand replenishment, and the incorporation of artificial retention devices. Specifically, for Shorecliffs Beach Club, these draft solutions involve installing a sand dune with vegetation to create a “living shoreline,” along with sand replenishment high on the Poche berm. There's also a possibility of adding a highly effective groin structure at the south end to catch and hold pre-filled sand along the shoreline.

Please provide a brief, positive comment by clicking on the link below. Thank the City for acting on behalf of San Clemente residents and request that they select Shorecliffs as the pilot project site due to these reasons:

1.) Severity of the erosion. Shorecliffs has lost more than 75 feet of sand over the past four decades! 2.) Safe and easy beach access.3.) Most sand travels north to south along the California coastline due to swell direction. Shorecliffs is the most northerly beach in San Clemente.

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