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Action Alert from Save Our Beaches: Urgent Appeal to Congressman Levin to Resume SC Sand Project.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has temporarily halted the sand replenishment project in San Clemente due to the discovery of significant cobble deposits at the borrow site.

The contractor has relocated to Solana Beach, where they are currently dredging from a different borrow site, yielding high-quality sand. Congressman Mike Levin has assured the City of San Clemente that efforts are underway to secure the necessary permits for San Clemente to use the same borrow site. While there is a window of a few months during the contractor's work in Solana Beach and subsequently Encinitas, the project might face a delay until late spring or early summer. However, if Encinitas is completed and the project lacks the required permits, it could be several years before the dredger returns to our coast.

Please email District Representative Colton Roughen at  to contact U.S. Congressman Mike Levin. Express your deep gratitude to Congressman Levin for securing funding for the Federal Sand Replenishment project. Ask him to please consider returning to San Clemente as soon as Encinitas is done replenishing sand. The inconvenience that a few areas of our beaches may suffer from the project's return in late spring or early summer is minor compared to yet another year without sand replenishment. Another year without sand replenishment would be devastating to our beach community.

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Do your part! San Clemente needs sand!



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